'Michiel has helped us enormously in finding a suitable apartment in Amsterdam. We did not expect to find a rental property that quickly meets our wishes. This has saved us a long search. Thanks to Michiel's attention and quick switching, we were able to move in within a week. Thank you for the great contact and the service that we can already enjoy in our apartment. " (Björn Wouters & Iris Trommelen).

Björn Wouters & Iris Trommelen, Tenant

After we have been busy full-time looking for an apartment for about three months, we had almost given up hope. Amsterdam is popular, expensive, there are high income requirements and the competition is great. The apartment where we live now appealed to us, but I think the chance that we could get this very small. Yet I responded to the apartment and briefly explained our situation. Michiel our rental agent responded that if we were interested after the visit he could present us as new tenants. The viewing was scheduled with Michiel being very flexible. During the one-on-one visit, Michiel patiently took the time to answer all my questions. Even when I still had questions with regard to the viewing, I could simply ask them by mail. We indicated to be very interested in the apartment. Two days later I was called by Michiel with the good news that we were the new tenants of this splendid apartment and that we even had a choice between two contracts.

In the days that followed, Michiel was easily accessible by telephone and by e-mail. He kept us well informed of the steps that had to be taken. We were able to sign the contract within a week. Because I was not available during the week, Michiel was even prepared to sign the contract on a Saturday.

In short, anyone who is looking for a home is at the right address with Michiel Stolker. He has a fast way of working, he is easily accessible, he was willing to be very flexible in our case, gets things done that no other broker got together and what is most important, he is very reliable. Michiel says what it says and this is the best for all parties! Thank you so much Michiel for having granted this apartment to us!

Sarah Verweij, Tenant

Michiel showed me around the perfect apartment in Amsterdam in a friendly and relaxed yet professional manner. After finding out I was the lucky person chosen to live there, Michiel guided me through the following steps pleasantly and efficiently. His services come highly recommended!

Tom Reijnders, Tenant

Michiel helped us with our rental house in a smooth and friendly way. He is easily contactable and has guided us well from start to finish in the rental process. He is helpful and personally involved. An example of this is that for the first few days we were allowed to borrow a construction lamp because we had not yet hung our lamps.

Hessel Van Straalen, Tenant